For Employees

Our Employee Assistance Program is a way to promote work/life wellness to all employees. People may become involved in the program for any number of reasons. Most participants are dealing with major changes in their relationships (divorce, separation). Many are working through depression, anxiety or anger issues. Others are dealing with a major work/life stressor or life change.

However, our Employee Assistance Program isn’t just for those who are facing a difficult time. In addition to helping people cope with life’s challenges, our program also works to keep healthy, happy people healthy and happy. We promote a proper work/life balance among other mental wellness initiatives that can keep people invested in their jobs and in their own mental and physical well-being.

All UF Health Shands benefits-eligible employees, their spouses/partners and eligible dependents qualify for EAP benefits. UF Health Shands pays for the basic services of the EAP and regards the program as a fringe benefit.

There are two different ways to obtain help from EAP:

Self Referral

This is a completely confidential method of getting help for yourself by simply calling the EAP 24-hour provider number: 800-448-8326.

Employer Referral

If your problems visibly affect your job performance, your supervisor may recommend that you access the EAP for an evaluation. Your supervisor will not have access to your records. Participation in the EAP is not included in your personnel files.


Contact with EAP professionals is strictly confidential — exceptions to the confidentiality policy are made only when the employee gives explicit permission or when the law requires. EAP professionals are required to report situations that are imminently life-threatening or those that involve the abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult.