Invest in Your Workforce

Our Employee Assistance Program offers employers assessment and referral services, short-term counseling for employees and improved engagement. Our providers can provide tools and techniques that will develop the employee’s ability to manage stress and improve workplace performance.

A healthy workforce can lead to high-quality productivity. Our EAP can help your workforce stay healthy.

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce workplace accidents
  • Reduce turnover and replacement cost
  • Facilitate return to work
  • Improve efficient use of healthcare through early identification

A good manager wants to identify and manage potential workplace violence and other safety risks. He or she wants to support staff in critical incidents and facilitate a proper adjustment to mergers, closings or changes that affect large parts of the workforce. He or she also wants to maintain a drug-free workplace where employees have ways to proactively and conducively manage stress and fatigue.

To find out how the EAP can work for your team or staffer, please call 352-265-5493 or 866-643-9375.