For Managers/Supervisors

Employee Referral:

EA referrals are a powerful management tool that allows a manager to support employees without getting involved in the employees’ personal issues. Under current Shands policies, these referrals are considered voluntary and the employee can chose not to follow this recommendation. An exception to this is any suspicion of the drug-free workplace policy violation or fitness-for-duty concerns. Please consult with your colleagues in Occupational Health and Employee Relations to coordinate a response under those circumstances.

Management Consultation:

Employee Assistance Consulting provide consultation to managers, HR professionals and corporate partners for behavioral health and behavioral risk concerns that impact the workplace, including but not limited to:

  • Challenges associated with change
  • Complex performance issues
  • Displacement planning
  • Fitness for duty and medical clarification
  • Interpersonal effectiveness (how well we deal with each other as people)
  • Recovery and critical incidents
  • Team member illness or death
  • Troubled team members
  • Threats of workplace violence


Contact with EAP professionals is strictly confidential — exceptions to the confidentiality policy are made only when the employee gives explicit permission or when the law requires. EAP professionals are required to report situations that are imminently life-threatening or those that involve the abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult.

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